I feel like someone is going to find out that I am really not as good as people think I am....

It is something that many really successful people secretly think but rarely discuss but is more common than you may imagine. It is an internal experience of feeling that you will be exposed as a fraud and contributes to strong feelings of self doubt. It is known as imposter syndrome. If you recognise this in yourself don’t worry research suggests that up to 70% of adults have experienced this feeling at some point in their lives.

It is not a mental illness or condition but more a phenomenon that as a positive drives you to achieve more and more to prove to yourself and to others and as a negative can be self destructive, lead to low self esteem and eventually burn out. It is common in individuals with perfectionist personalities, those that had overly critical parents and conversely those with over protective parents. Sometimes there can be an undiscovered trigger that has set these thoughts in motion. It results in a faulty thinking pattern of your personal perception of success and failure.

The good news is many successful people experience this and there are positive strategies to overcome these thoughts and feelings to unlock your true self. Coaching can help uncover the trigger for these feelings by discovering your limiting beliefs of success and failure and help you to develop healthier thought patterns and beliefs.

Written by Jayne Everson

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