What we do well…

We work with executives, managers, leaders & entrepreneurs to help you unlock the best version of yourself. We challenge your beliefs and assumptions to help you to achieve more in your life and career. We are passionate about personal resilience being at the heart of this process and work with you to improve your whole self. 

Our powerful Coaching for Diversity program focuses on the labels that people can be given and the beliefs they can adopt that can be barriers to them moving forward in their careers. We have a wealth of experience in this area particularly within the Technology & STEM industries.

We coach teams for high performance or we can develop bespoke workshops to help unlock the teams potential. We help them develop strategies to find their own solutions to problems and to improve team communication and ultimately motivation and performance. At the same time we help to develop each individual’s potential and personal resilience. 

Great teams need great leaders and our management coaching programs can be tailored for your organisations needs. Our standard offering includes the manager as coach, managing employee wellbeing and resilience for managers.

As thought partners with over 50 years of commercial experience at all levels we can be a listening ear to enable you to explore ideas and possibilities within your own business or marketplace. The simple act of listening and asking the right questions can unlock the most powerful of ideas within you. 

With extensive experience of working in high pressure sales and complex commercial environments and from founding and running our own businesses we understand the issues faced by many organisations, teams and individuals and its potential impact on performance , resilience and wellbeing.


A Message From Our Founder…

I believe passionately about the transformational power of coaching and its impact on resilience both on individuals and teams. Resilience is fluid and can ebb and flow dependent on your life experience and where you are in your life stage . I have personal experience of being in a less resilient place and sensitively use my learnings to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to deal with the challenges we inevitably meet in both your life and work.

I welcome the professionlisation of the coaching industry and I ensure that myself and our associates receive regular coaching supervision, are fully qualified and keep up to date with the latest training and research on coaching methods. We ensure that we follow the ICF code of practice for coaching.